What Is Up Labs, LLC

[a product hacking collective]

Be your own interior designer. Discover, create, and order stunning frame collages for your space using your smartphone's camera. With Hang, you can easily visualize complicated layouts with your photo library, with real time measurements, before having to commit to printing and framing.

Fiestafy Music enables collaborative playlists via tweets and texts. Start your party playlist by creating your unique party #hashtag in Fiestafy Music mobile app, then let your party guests tweet/sms an artist and song name to it - their song will be automagically added to the queue!

LDLN (pronounced "Landline") makes use of open source software and Raspberry Pi – a low-cost, low-powered computer – that act as an information hub in order to solve the problem of the allocation of resources and the tracking of missing individuals in the wake of natural disaster when physical communication infrastructure is damaged.

Use your NFC-enabled Android smartphone to play a suite of games. Send a game to your friend by tapping his or her phone. No friends near? No worries! Just pick up or leave a game at any Games With Strangers tag!

Use your iPhone's camera and What Is Up's augmented reality app to find nearby venues that are popular right now. Watch places jump from hot to cold over time. You can also check in and add your photo to make a place more happening.